The Clever Woodcutter

Once there lived a woodcutter in a remote village.He made his living by selling firewood.One day while he was carrying firewood he saw a tiger,He quickly thought of a plan.He pretended as if the firewood he was carrying to be very heavy,The tiger came and said “Ha,Ha this small bundle of wood is so heavy you must be so weak”.The woodcutter replied saying “This is magical bundle of wood,If you carry this wood with your eyes closed for an hour and stand still without falling down the goddess would come and grant you a wish”.The foolish tiger pleaded to the woodcutter to give him  the bundle,the woodcutter acted for some time and finally gave in.While the Tiger was busy standing still with his eyes closed carrying the bundle of wood,The Clever Woodcutter quickly ran back to his village narrowly escaping death.

The Two Brothers

            Once upon a time lived a hunter with his two sons.Their mother had died of illness while they were young.They learnt how to make complex Bamboo traps to catch animals.One day the unexpected happend,their father was setting a trap while a Tiger mauled him to death.The brothers were grief stricken,They were alone to face the world.They decided to set traps and catch animals and sell their skin,fur,meat etc.The elder brother used to set traps and catch animals and fished while the younger sold them in the market.One day the two brothers went to the forest to have some enjoyment in the fresh air.They got hungry,So they set up a trap and caught a deer.They were roasting it,When a Giant passing by got a whiff of it.He came to the spot and grabbed the roasting deer and gobbled it up.The brother wanted to get back at the giant. they set up a HUGE bamboo trap where the giant usually passed by,The next day when they came the giant was trapped,yes the HUGE giant trapped in a  trap made by the brothers.He became furious and tried to get away,But the odds were against him,The brothers had sharpened the end of the bamboo sticks.So,Even if the giant tried  to move his leg it hurt him.Finally he had to give in,He offered to give him all the gold he could carry.The brothers set him free and got the gold in return.Then they lived the rest of their life with comfort.